Since 2015, BGV has been working hard to inspire, engage and educate young women to become the voice in our political landscape by exercising their right to vote. We continue to reach our women of color because we know that our voice and our vote can push policy and elected leaders that represent our issues. BGV membership is a direct and powerful way to change our communities and stand as a united front for our representation of our women and girls. Black Girls Vote inspires the new generation of young women to vote and become a strong voice within their communities. BGV is ready for the challenge to ensure that each and every young woman is registered to vote, educated on how to become leaders, and knowledgeable of how to use their voice to change policy, and rise to the challenges that impact our future. We are just getting started! Will you join us? Will you step out and support this mission?

Now Accepting Members & Ambassadors for the Baltimore Chapter of BGV

A BGV Ambassador is an advocate charged to lead the conversation and progress when it comes to speaking on behalf of women of color and their communities on the Local, State and National level. BGV Ambassadors are members of BGV and receive training to be fully equipped with the necessary tools to engage, educate, and empower the community. Regardless if you have a PhD or a GED, knowing how to effectively utilize your voice to implement transformational change is your right and civic duty.