If I had only known then the things that I know now, I wonder where I would be in life, what I would have done, and what leaps I would have taken. But, that does not matter now because I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be; and, that’s where I am today, launching “Black Girls VOTE”.

I believe inside every black woman lies a young Black Girl who is looking for something. It might be love, support, validation etc. I also believe every Black Girl is looking for where her voice can be heard. Imagine being in a room with one million people, and, being the only Black Girl there. You scream to the top of your lungs to be heard. And, because you are a child of God, you love thy neighbor and you have nothing against the others in the room, you listen intently to what others have to say but when it is your time to speak, you realize your voice is being drained out by those who don’t look like you or share the same experiences as you. They are unwilling to hear you. Upon further examination of the room, you also reach the conclusion that your journey to that room was even different than the others. Then, all of a sudden, you recognize there’s another black girl in the room that’s screaming with you. You realize there is actually twenty of you. You realize there is actually two hundred, two thousand, twenty thousand, 200,000 black girls screaming out the same values, concepts and ideas as you. Wow! Stop! Ponder this thought: “What if us Black Girls came together and allowed our individual voices to equal that of a multiplicity of screaming voices?”

Yes, it’s quite natural that we may not completely agree,100%, on everything; however, undeniably there’s power in unity and majority of us Black Girls want to see the state of our family, communities and country improve. Guess what? It’s possible. Statistics show that “we” E _. Let’s take a quick journey through the life of a Black Girl and her VOTE:

  • Black Girls VOTE on contestants on a television show;
  • Black Girls VOTE on a photograph of the cutest baby;
  • Black Girls VOTE on a grant that’s being awarded to a non-profit organization;
  • Black Girls VOTE for leaders of their organizations, clubs, and community associations;
  • Black Girls VOTE for political candidates with shared values, ideas, and concepts;

And, make no mistake about it, Black Girls VOTED for Barack Obama.

Not only do we vote, we vote consistently and often as shown throughout history. According to the Center for American Progress, in 2012, black women voted at a higher rate than any other group-across gender, race, and ethnicity – and, along with other women of color, played a key role in President Obama’s re-election.

Black Girls are smart, resilient, persistent, and passionate. Black Girls understand the significance of paying homage to our ancestors by exercising our right to vote. “Just think what could happen if we came together and voted collectively as a unit based on the issues that impact our families, communities and the country where we reside, the “Black Girl Agenda”.

Our ancestors prayed for the opportunity to vote and I pray that those with a sincere heart and pure intentions will join us on this never ending journey to mobilize our feminine power to improve our families, community and country.

Take the pledge and do what we have always done, VOTE, beginning with the upcoming political elections in Baltimore, Maryland and the United States of America.

With Love,

Nykidra “Nyki” Robinson