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BALTIMORE, MARYLAND (February 4, 2022) – Black Girls Vote Collegiate Chapters at Morgan State University and Howard University released a joint statement today following reported bomb threats on their campuses on Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2022, the beginning of Black History Month.

During Black History Month, when we as a nation are reflecting on the Black and African ancestors who built this country, and the descendants who continue to shape the future, a threat to our education and community was disheartening. However, it is paramount to not let this stop us and instead keep progressing as a Black community.

As students, this academic year has been very overwhelming with occurrences of last semester and the new information of the threats to our safety and livelihood and our beloved institution.

We condemn the threat to the higher education of HBCU students. Since the founding of the first HBCU in 1837, our institutions have been a pivotal part of history by breaking barriers and creating a safe space for students of color.

Black History Month is a time of recognition for all of the challenges that Black people have endured and overcome. It is extremely disheartening to realize that threats of domestic terrorism and racial injustice are still prevalent today. Black people have always and will always be resilient, but continuous threats to our livelihood shouldn’t keep occurring. This is all a reflection of the work that still needs to be done by those with privilege and our government officials. They have the power to address these problems and make adequate change.

We hope that the United States government furthers this investigation and holds those accountable responsible for their actions. The safety of our peers and sisters within our chapter is a top priority and should be treated as such. This incident will not deter us from our goal of educating the community and leading the world.

Black Girls Vote will be following the updated news regarding the identified suspects found by the FBI. To understand these attempts, we must understand the motives of the suspects and demand Congress to take further action to protect Black students.


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