Membership Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to Members and Membership applicants of Black Girls Vote 4 H.E.R. Inc (doing business as BLACK GIRLS VOTE). In these terms and conditions “BGV” refers to Black Girls Vote, a nonpartisan State of Maryland based 501 (C)(3) organization incorporated as Black Girls Vote 4 H.E.R. Inc. (hereinafter “BGV”) for the purpose of increasing engagement of girls and women of color in the political process. The BGV Board of Directors strive to attract BGV Members that believe in and share the organization’s charge.   By seeking, accepting, and renewing Membership in BGV, the Member or Membership applicant represents that he or she is committed to the mission of BGV.

1. Definitions

a.  In these terms and conditions, the words below shall bear the following meanings:
“Logo” means BGV’s trademarked logo.
“Member” means any individual who is a registered member of BGV under one of the membership types described at Clause 2, and “Membership” shall be construed accordingly.
“Eligibility Guidelines” means the guidelines (and as the same may be updated or modified by BGV from time to time) used by BGV to assess applications for Membership, which is available on the Website.
“Website” means BGV’s website

2. Membership Types

a. BGV offers 4 types of Memberships:

i. Member
Membership is open to any individual over the age of 18 that has applied for membership accompanied with the requisite fee and is accepted into membership by BGV based on the Membership guidelines present in the BGV bylaws at the time of application.

ii. Honorary Members
Honorary membership may be conferred on an individual determined by a majority vote of the organization’s Board of Directors as having served the cause of voter engagement for women of color with distinction.

iii. Emeritus Member
Members who are in good standing and have served the organization for 15 consecutive or 20 cumulative years may apply to the Board of Directors for Emeritus Member status.

iv. Student Member
Any person who is enrolled at least half-time as a student in an educational institution may apply to become a Student Member via a recognized campus chapter or by direct membership application to the organization in the event a campus chapter has not been established at the prospective member’s educational institution.

3. Membership Applications

a. All applications for Membership are to be made by completing the application form on the BGV Website. By applying for Membership to BGV, the applicant is deemed to have read and agreed to these terms and conditions and represents and warrants; (i) that he/she is at least 18 years of age; (ii) that he/she is capable of entering into and performing legally binding contracts; and (iii) that all information submitted to BGV is complete, accurate and up to date.

b. To complete a Membership application, the applicant must make payment of the applicable Membership fee in accordance with Clause 7. BGV shall not be obliged to process a Membership application until payment of the applicable Membership fee is received by BGV.

c. BGV will assess each application for Membership based on the BGV Bylaw’s Eligibility Guidelines.

d. BGV reserves the right at all times and in its absolute discretion to determine the number of Members in BGV and may accept or reject Membership applications at its discretion.

4. Member Responsibilities

a. Each Member shall be bound during the continuance of its Membership by these terms and conditions including any amendments made subsequently by BGV.

b. Each Member is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their Membership number, login details and passwords, and for all activities that occur under their Membership number, login details and passwords, whether by themselves or anyone else using their login details and passwords. Each Member shall notify BGV immediately in writing of any unauthorized use of its Membership details or account. 

c. Membership is to be renewed annually. Such renewal of Membership shall also constitute a declaration by the Member that his/her commitment to BGV’s mission has not changed.

d. If a Member puts BGV into disrepute or breaches these terms and conditions, BGV may suspend or terminate her/his Membership in accordance with Clause 11b.

5. Membership Benefits

a. Members may enjoy the applicable Membership benefits as described in the organization’s Bylaws and as may be periodically listed on the BGV Website. Such Membership benefits may be updated or modified by BGV from time to time. In addition, Members may use the BGV Logo in affiliating themselves with the organization but shall ensure that their use of the Logo is in accordance with guidelines which BGV may issue from time to time.

b. BGV shall not be liable for any loss or damages whatsoever arising from a Member’s inability to access any pages on the Website or use of any Membership benefits.

6. Members Conduct

a. All Members are expected to uphold the highest standards of practice in representing the organization and in the community at large.

b. All Members shall conduct their activities with transparency, responsiveness, honesty, and fairness.

c. All Members shall, amongst other things:

i. comply with all applicable legal requirements in their State of residence as pertains to conduct of community organizations;

ii. practice and promote ethical behavior;

iii. not use BGV’s logo unless permitted by BGV;

iv. not misrepresent its relationship with BGV;

v. not disclose any confidential or private information; and/or

vi. not malign, defame, or unfairly criticize another Member.

7. Membership Fees

a. Membership fees for each Membership will be stated on the BGV Website and are payable annually. BGV may review the Membership fees from time to time and reserves the right to adjust the Membership fees where it is considered necessary. Any changes to the Membership fees will be notified to Members prior to implementation.

b. For new Members, Membership fees shall be paid upon submission of the application for Membership to BGV, and such Membership fees may be refunded if BGV considers that the applicant does not qualify for Membership. For existing Members who wish to renew their Membership, Membership fees shall be paid within 30 days of expiry of the last Membership year, and any failure to do so may result in termination of the Membership.

8. Confidentiality

a. Each Member agrees to keep confidential all Confidential Information which it may receive from BGV in the course of its Membership or that may come into its knowledge or possession as a result of communications between the Member and BGV. In the event that BGV discovers that a Member has made or intends to make (whether directly or indirectly) any unauthorized disclosure of the Confidential Information, BGV shall be entitled to take out an injunction to restrain the Member from making such disclosure, if necessary. In addition, or in the alternative, BGV shall be entitled to exercise such legal and equitable remedies as are available with respect to the breach of these terms and conditions and to further protect the Confidential Information.

b. For the purposes of this paragraph, “Confidential Information” means any information relating to the business and affairs of BGV that is not generally available to the public and shall include, without limitation:

i. Information of whatever nature relating to the business, finances, assets, liabilities, dealings, transactions, know-how, employees, Members, customers, suppliers, agents, processes, or affairs of BGV; and

ii. Information which is expressly indicated to be confidential or is imparted by BGV in circumstances importing an obligation of confidence.

9. Personal Data Protection

a. By submitting personal data to BGV, the Member or the Membership applicant (as the case may be):

i. consents to BGV’s collection, use, processing, and disclosure of such personal data solely for the purpose of processing your membership application, informing you of BGV activities and providing you with relevant voter engagement information, with your consent.

ii. warrants, in the case of personal data belonging to any individual other than the Member or Membership applicant, that it has obtained the individual’s prior consent to such collection, use, processing and disclosure of the individual’s personal data by BGV.

b. BGV may collect, use, and disclose the information (including any personal data) provided under these terms and conditions to:

i. assess and process the application for Membership;

ii. administer the Membership with BGV;

iii. provide benefits, support, services, and information offered under the Membership and/or requested by a Member;

iv. conduct and publish research studies;

v. manage and facilitate the business and administrative operations of BGV and complying with internal policies and procedures; and/or

vi. comply with applicable rules, laws and regulations, codes of practice or guidelines or to assist in law enforcement and investigations by relevant authorities.

c. Each Member shall inform BGV of any changes to its information, as well as of any new circumstances which might be relevant to the Member’s relationship with BGV as soon as practicable and within 30 days of occurrence of such change.

d. Each Member shall notify BGV if such Member is providing BGV with information (such as personal or customer information) which must be handled in accordance with specific regulatory requirements.

10. Publicity
Each Member agrees to participate and be featured in publicity materials and media interviews in relation to BGV, and consents to the use of its photographs, images, and information for the purposes of promoting the objectives of BGV.

11. Suspension or Termination of Membership

a. A Member may terminate its Membership at any time by giving 30 days written notice to BGV.

b. BGV may suspend or terminate a Membership for any of the following reasons:

i. if the Member’s mission and/or business does not align with BGV membership objectives;

ii. if the Member fails to pay the applicable Membership fee within 30 days of taking up Membership or expiry of a Membership year;

iii. if the Member fails to conduct itself according to the standards set out under clause 6;

iv. if the Member was engaged and/or is engaging in any illegal or undesirable activity;

v. if the Member is in material breach of these terms and conditions; and

vi. if the Member has acted and/or is acting in a manner prejudicial to the interest of BGV.

c. Notwithstanding the foregoing, BGV may suspend or terminate a Membership at any time without having to give any reasons or notice.

d. Membership fees will not be refunded if Membership is terminated for whatever reason before the end of a Membership year.

e. A Member whose Membership has expired or has been suspended or terminated will cease to enjoy Membership benefits. BGV shall not be liable for any loss or damages whatsoever arising from the expiry, suspension, or termination of any Membership.

12. Disclaimer

a. Where BGV is asked to recommend to a Member the services of an adviser or service provider, it will do so in good faith, but without liability and without warranty as to the ability or standing of that advisor or service provider. BGV will not be responsible for the quality of the work of the advisor or service provider, or for monitoring or reviewing their work.

13. Entire Agreement
These terms and conditions including the documents incorporated herein by reference constitute the entire agreement relating to the subject matter of these terms and conditions and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous understandings regarding such subject matter.

14. Invalidity
In the event that any of these terms and conditions is held to be invalid, or are otherwise not permitted in any jurisdiction, the remainder of the terms and conditions will remain in full force and effect.

15. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
These terms and conditions and any non-contractual obligations arising out of or in connection with these terms and conditions, shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of the State of Maryland. The Courts of the State of Maryland shall have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any claim, dispute or difference concerning these terms and conditions and any matter arising therefrom. Henceforth, the parties knowingly, voluntarily, and intentionally waive to the fullest extent permitted by law any rights they may have to commence proceedings in any other forum, court or tribunal for such claims, disputes or differences concerning these terms and conditions.