December Newsletter

As 2021 comes to an end, we would like to thank you for supporting BGV

What a year we have had! Looking back on it, I am so proud of the work we have accomplished this year. From our events to our partnerships, Black Girls Vote has grown tremendously over the past 365 days. Just to name a few of this events, we hosted our Manifestation Brunch, followed by our Women’s History monthlong celebration, Sip & Paint, Black Student Debt Conversation, Chat & Chew, ConvHERsations & Cocktails, High School Voter Registration Drive, and of course our BGV Ball, the largest event of the year for us and the biggest ball in Baltimore’s 2021 gala season! We also expanded our partnerships to include working with the Moët Hennessy US brand, Breakthru Beverage team, and When We All Vote. These events, campaigns, and partnerships; much like your support, are instrumental to the growth of BGV. Thank you for volunteering, being patrons, promoting, and backing Black Girls Vote through 2021! To continue your aid us in 2022 and beyond, join our brand new membership program complete with exclusive merch, BGV updates, our monthly newsletter, and other perks you can check out here. We have so much more in store for you in 2022, so make sure you stay tuned. And as we close out this year, on behalf of BGV I would like to wish all of you and your families happy holidays and a happy New Year. See you all in January!
Let’s go!
✨ -Nyki✨


Staying in for New Years? Relive the 2021 BGV Ball and check out the highlight video here.

Helpful Hints for the Holidays

  • if you are traveling, the CDC recommends wearing a mask while in public spaces or in gatherings of more than 10 people
  • if you plan on doing a lot of driving this holiday season, try to have your car serviced before you get on the road
  • going out to celebrate the new year? stay hydrated! and if you’re going out make sure to have a designated driver
  • when you take down your lights, save the mess by using a piece of cardboard to wrap the lights around
  • try to get active this holiday season! we’re all loading up on delicious food and sleeping in. avoid the January gym rush and try some at home exercises while you enjoy time with family
  • check in on your circle. the holiday season can be difficult for a lot of people. reach out to people you care about and let them know you are thinking of them

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