Memership FAQ’s

1. What are the different types of Black Girls Vote membership?

a. There are 7 annual membership options offered:

i. Collegiate Ambassador ($25)
ii. Ally ($30)
iii. Advocate ($125)
iv. Ambassador ($250)
v. Constituent ($500)
vi. Cabinet ($5,000) – for individuals or organizations seeking to be BGV sponsors
vii. Congressional ($10,000+) – for individuals or organizations wanting to be BGV partners

2. Who is eligible to enroll in the Black Girls Vote Membership

a. Anyone who wants to join the movement and support the BGV
vision and mission.

3. When and where can I enroll?

a. When: Any time. Enrollment is available on a rolling basis.
b. Where: On the BGV Membership page, which is accessible
through the BGV website.

4. What is the empty box field for?

a. While there are specific membership tier amounts listed, you have the ability to contribute any amount above $25 using the empty box field. Ex: if you want to donate $75 you can enter that amount in the open box field and will receive benefits associated with the tier at the value contributed. This gives members the opportunity to donate any amount to BGV’s mission

5. When does my BGV membership become active?

a. Your BGV membership will become active in 24 hours (standard process time), but in some cases, it may take up to 72 hours.

6. Does my membership automatically renew every year?

a. No; memberships must be renewed by you each year. We provide a one month renewal window before your membership expires. A renewal alert/notification will be emailed to you.

7. When am I able to upgrade or downgrade my membership?

a. You can upgrade or downgrade your membership at any point during your membership term, up through your renewal period. You are required to email your request to (include your name, current membership and new membership). Also note;

i. BGV does not issue refunds.
ii. You will hold the new membership for the remainder of your term. Ex: if you are an ally member and want to be a constituent member 4 months into your ally membership, you will be a constituent member the remaining 8 months from your initial membership.

8. Can I cancel my membership mid term?

a. Yes. (Please note that BGV does not issue refunds.)

i. Option 1: Email with your name, current membership, and the reason for cancelling.
ii. Option 2: Wait until your term ends and do not renew for the following year.

9. Are my membership dues tax deductible?

a. Yes, as long as the value of your membership is greater than $75 and the benefits do not exceed the membership.

10. Do I get a discount for BGV events as a member?

a. Any discounts provided for BGV events will be communicated via email or the BGV Newsletter.

11. As a member, how will I have access to join the All-Hands meeting? And what if I miss a meeting?

a. A link to join the monthly meeting will be sent out via email.
b. If you miss a meeting, access to the recorded meeting will be sent out via email.

12. Is there a payment plan available?

a. No; annual payment is required.

13. What is the membership term?

a. One year.

14. What is the criteria for a collegiate ambassador membership?

a. Must have and use a valid school email address to enroll
b. Must be 25 and under
c. Must be a full time student
d. Must include your expected graduation year during enrollment

15. If I am interested in creating an active collegiate chapter, how many members are required to initiate a collegiate chapter?

a. A minimum of 10 members attending the same academic institution is required to initiate a collegiate chapter.

16. If I am a college student but I want to sign up for the constituent tier, can I do that?

a. Yes, you can sign up for the tier that best suits your desired benefits and contributions.

17. When will advocacy updates be pushed out?

a. Updates are provided on an ad hoc basis, as needs for engagement vary.

18. Do I have to be a member to volunteer at BGV related events?

a. No, you do not have to be a member. If you are interested in volunteering or outreach, please email

19. Who do I email if I have additional questions?

a. If you have any additional questions, please email